+*Advanced payment and reservations are required.

*Vouchers will be collected before the tour begins.

*Because our tour guides do such a great job, a $5.00 gratuity will also be collected.

*Please be aware that tour starting locations may change.

Q. Can I inquire about or book a tour by phone?

A. Yes. We will be happy to answer questions or help you if you are unable to book

a tour online, by calling 651-508-1448.


Q. How many people can go on a tour?

A. Depends on which tour. We are flexible, but 10 is the average. We can also handle groups

of 10+ going on back-to-back tours. Call for these type of accommodations.

Q. What if it rains?

A.  Not a problem! Our tours run rain or shine, hot or cold. Please wear weather appropriate attire. Umbrellas are prohibited because you will need both hands to operate the Segway. Accumulating snow, lightning, thunderstorms, hail and strong sustained or gusty winds affecting balance are unsafe conditions to be outside. We monitor local radar and weather reports continuously for your gliding safety and comfort. We will make every effort to contact you as soon as we know the tour will be unsafe. Based on weather, the tour could simply be delayed until later in the day. If severe enough, it will be postponed until a later date. If postponed, transferable vouchers will be issued for a future tour. The tour guide is the final authority regarding safety in adverse weather conditions, and reserves the right to alter the usual tour, or return to the starting point at any time for the safety of all participants. We have ponchos available for $1.00. 

Q. What time should I arrive for my Segway Tour?

A. Please arrive 10 minutes early before the published time of the tour to register, review & sign the waiver, and get fitted for a helmet. Safety training starts promptly at the published time of the tour. To participate, you must complete the entire safety/training program regardless of previous experience, so please do not be late. Tours depart immediately after the safety/training session is completed.

Q. How do I find my tour starting point?

A.  Please click on the Directions tab at the top of this page and find which tour matches the correct directions.

Please be aware that tour starting locations may change.


Q. What are the liability guidelines for ages 14-18?

A. Segway safety guidelines specify 14 as the minimum age to ride a Segway PT and at least 90 lbs. Riders between the age of 14-18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to legally sign the liability waiver for their child. If a minor in a group is unable to have their parent present, waivers can be reviewed and signed by a parent, then delivered with the minor by a responsible adult participant on the tour. See the Liability Waiver tab at the top of this page to download the                                                  or please click on the Contact Us tab to request a copy.


Q. Who can ride the Segway? (age, weight, physical fitness)

A. All riders must be 14 years of age or older (participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the liability waiver) and not pregnant. All participants must weigh 90+ lbs. and no more than 300 lbs. Rider must be able to stand for up to 1.5 hours.

Q. What should I wear/bring?

A. You should wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. No “shape up” shoes. You can bring a camera, bottle of water, and your own bike helmet if you want.

Q. Do you provide training?

A. Yes, we provide full training as well as safety helmets. For your own safety and the safety of others, please follow the instructions the trainer provides. You can bring your own helmet if you want to. Please watch the video at the top of the page before your tour.

Q. How does a Segway work?

A. The PT senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of 5 angular rate sensors and two accelerometers at a rate of 100 times per second. If you lean forward, the lithium batteries apply torque to the motors to push it forward bringing you upright and balanced. Same thing going backwards. Lean the handlebars in the left or right direction you want to go, and it just goes! It feels incredibly natural and really cool! The Segway PT responds similarly to how you balance yourself - as if it were an extension of your body.

Q. How safe is a Segway?

A. About as safe a the rider operating it. Careless or reckless behavior, failure to follow safety and training instructions, failure to follow directives or instructions from the tour guide, failure to ride single file, failure to keep a safe distance apart, are ALL hazardous activities. With proper training and common sense operation, gliding on a Segway PT is both safe and enjoyable, just like riding a bike. We do not recommend going backwards or stepping on or off the PT without staff assistance.

Q. How fast do Segways go?

A. Segways can travel up to 12.5 mph. However, for the purpose of our tours, we will be going much slower.

Q. Can my child ride with me?

A. For safety reasons only 1 person per Segway is allowed.

Q. My grandma and grandpa want to go, but they don’t know if they can do it. How hard is it?

A. If someone can walk a half a mile, stand for up to 1.5 hours without a cane or walker and without falling, they can ride a Segway.

Q. Can I stow my belongings on the Segway?

A. Yes, our Segways have a small pouch on the handlebar, which can hold limited items. You may bring a cameras, small purse, cash or credit card, bottle of water, but please limit the amount of personal items you bring. You may not take photos or video while operating the PT.  We will have photo opportunities during the tour. St. Croix Valley Segway is not responsible for personal items.

Q. Do we need to wear helmets?

A. Absolutely! Free use of helmets will be provided and their use is required at all times while operating the PT.

Q. Do the tours make restroom stops?

A. Riders may use the porta-potty at the Brown's Creek Park location. Let the tour guide know if the needs arises during any tour.

Q. What will we see on the tour?

A. What you see depends on the tour you select. Please click on the Tours tab at the top of this page.

Q. What if I have a promo code, voucher or gift certificate?

A.  Just put in your code at checkout. If you have something more than a promo code, click redeem a voucher or gift certificate at the top of any page. A voucher box will open.

Q. Do you rent individual Segways?

A. No, we only offer guided Segway tours. However, we can provide Segways and a tour guide for your corporate event for team building or as a fun addition to your annual meeting or company event. The guide will provide the required comprehensive safety/rider training lessons. Click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to inquire about corporate events.

Q. Do you offer custom, private Segway Tours?

A. Yes! Click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to inquire.

Q. Do you offer gift certificates?

A. Absolutely! Our Segway Tours make a perfect gift for any occasion. Please click on the Buy a Gift Voucher button at the top of any page.

Before your tour, please check out

this training video

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